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Endorsements - Frankfurt International Book Fair, Germany, 2019

Dr. Rimaletta Ray, Ph. D “The State of Love From The Above! Love Ecology for Self Psychology”

Don’t Be Love-Negligent; Be Love-Intelligent! We are living at the time when physical attraction is in the action while soul connection is in retention!

Dr. Rimalleta Ray, Ph.D published the “The State of Love From the Above! Love Ecology for Self Psychology” (BookWhip October, 2019).

With the book “The State of Lovefrom the Above!” Dr. Rimaletta Ray continues her serial of books on the evolutionary Self- Resurrection, focusing them on the Auto-Suggestive Psychology of Self-Ecology. Dr. Ray thinks that the state of love in the society, nacked up by an exponential growth of technology is going through the revolution of Self-Consciousness. Different sex emancipation movements are the manifestation of loveliberation.

Dr. Ray thinks that love in its Universal sense is in a recess now, and on the ladder of our evolutionary self-actualization, we need new LOVE EDUCATION to acquire spiritualized intelligence and spiritual maturity in the essential five life dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal.

“Life is not a circle, it’s a spiral!” (Dr. Fred Bell)

Dr. Ray is painfully conscious that we need to redirect our aware attention from sex tension to a new, time-dictated Self-Resurrection that will result into a much healthier society with a digitized enrichment of the notion of love.

Or Spiritual Maturation is in Love Education!

Copies are available at BookWhip, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles website.

The State of Love From the Above! Love Ecology for Self Psychology
Written by Dr. Rimalleta Ray, Ph.D
Published by BookWhip

About the Author

Dr. Rimaletta Ray is a scholar and a college professor of English and Psycholinguistics who had earned her doctorate in Moscow under the supervision of a famous Russian psycholinguist, an academician, A. A. Leontief, a student and a follower of a world-known psycholinguist, Leo Vigotskiy. Dr. Ray has been broadening the intellectual horizons of her students in the University of Connecticut and the Norwalk Community College in the USA for 19 years. She enjoys a deep respect and appreciation of her students for the most innovative and inspirational methods of language teaching, very informative brain talks, and the amazing results, demonstrated by her students in their knowledge and skills of English, their successful passing of the TOEFL Exam, and an altogether much broader vision of what language intelligence is all about.

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