English Classes Over Skype in CT


Do you find it difficult to learn English? Do you believe that learning American English can open lots of opportunities? If so, you can get the help of Dr. Rimaletta Ray. She is a psycholinguistics professor from Connecticut who offers English classes over Skype.

She does not rely on passive methods of teaching American English. Her inspirational and innovative methods make it simple and interesting for the students to gain the skills.

Dr. Ray helps you acquire emotional, social, and business skills related to American English. You will not face difficulties related to grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and other aspects of this language after associating with Dr. Ray.

If you need correction of a written essay, then also you can get her help. She charges five dollars for proofreading written essays. You will also receive explanations for the corrections made by her. If you need her help for completing your project, dissertation, essay, or report, you can get it for 50 dollars an hour.

For support related to oral presentations, you need to pay 50 dollars for one hour. The session is offered through Skype or phone.

You can pay her via cash, check, or PayPal for English learning over Skype.

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