Hypnotherapy on Skype CT


Get rid of psychological issues with the help of Dr. Rimaletta Ray. She is a Connecticut-based psycholinguist who offers hypnotherapy on Skype.

In this therapy, the subconscious mind is used to alter a habit or get rid of thoughts that are affecting the mental state of an individual. The person who’s in the hypnotic state achieves a heightened state of awareness. This state is often referred to as a trance. Due to this level of focus, the individual becomes oblivious to things going on around him/her.

It is used to treat anxiety, fears, phobias, sleep disorders, stress, depression, post-trauma anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

You can also use this therapy to treat your obesity. For this purpose, eating habits are modified using hypnosis. Similarly, you can get rid of smoking with this therapy.

Did you know that hypnotherapy can also help in irritable bowel syndrome? This was reported by American Psychological Association during a study conducted in 2003.

If you face knee pain or other forms of pain, then hypnosis is one of the most effective forms of treatment to get rid of pains. There are also several types of research that prove the effectiveness of hypnosis for this issue.

Dr. Ray has already supported a myriad of individuals through the hypnotherapy sessions she offers on Skype.

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