I Am Free to Be the Best of Me!

Be the Station for Self- Installation!

Life has a different quality depending on the state of our consciousness. Transformation of self-consciousness into a constructive, not destructive force is our main goal on this path. So, we suggest you instill in your consciousness the plan of action for self-installation that will help you modify the inner self, making it more motivational, inspirational, and electrifying, thus affecting your emotional intelligence and boosting your self-love. Being self-inspired is the prerogative for self-creation and self-installation.

The book I Am Free to Be the Best of Me presents the blueprint of such work. We are all suggestible to some degree and if we tend to self-suggest love, confidence, kindness, and compassion, we can uplift the spirit and do much more to ourselves than any most well-wishing therapist. In fact, the book offers you the Auto-Suggestive Methodology for Your Souls Ecology!

Being the Best is a Tough Test!

Readers Review:

Dr. Rimaletta Rays latest edition to her formidable oeuvre Im Free to be the Best of Me! is written in her characteristic, inimitable style--deeply spiritual and meditative, while at the same time exuberant and reflective of her usual profound erudition. Inspiring and a delightful read.
David Garlock, Ph.D.

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