Best Life Coaches in Connecticut


Coming in contact with a good life coach can completely transform your life. Dr. Rimaletta Ray is one such life coach that has supported a myriad of individuals through her innovative methods. It doesn’t matter which region you are located in, as she offers life coaching over Skype.

She asks all the necessary questions to understand what kind of support you require. Her passion to help people from all walks of life makes it easier to offer life coaching. She also helps the individuals by offering valuable advice to improve their relationships. In case you find it tough to cope up with your professional life, you can always contact her.

Due to all these attributes, she is considered one of the best life coaches from Connecticut. Lots of individuals have already felt a positive change in their life due to her support. They have become more productive, happier, responsible, and motivated after consulting her via Skype.

For her emotional diplomacy session, you need to pay 75 dollars per hour. A prior appointment is needed for this service. You can ask for the session either through Skype or in-person. You need to pay via cash, check, or PayPal in advance.

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