Develop Language Management Skills in American English!

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Language Intelligence

The website presents a new paradigm of language learning / remedying, based on the awareness of how language is processed in the brain and the Method of the Right Language Behavior, worked out by Dr. Ray as a remedial tool for renewing any language intelligence, in general, and the English language one,inparticular.

Language coaching is conducted by Dr. Ray personally, based on her books “Language Intelligence or Universal English”, that provide the modus operandi, or the hierarchy of the operative forces in language remedying. It’s a Healing English course that is designed to increase your brain activity in English in a novel way and build up a much better English mentality in your brain.

Book One is a remedial course of linguistic apprenticeship. It’s a theoretical book that is addressed to language learners / speakers, not just language instructors or language scientists. There is an urgent need for language learners to know how language is being processed in the brain to be able to operate it in a much more scientifically-informed way neuroscience-wise.

Knowledge put to action is double power!

Book Two is a very simple practical course. It presents the Method of the Right Language Behavior at work, focusing on remedying your Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary habits. It contains practical advice and very well-structured chunks of basic information on how to quickly build up operative language awareness in English.

Language consciousness is the basis of any learning!

Book Three is a remedial course of Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening Skills in English. It contains the know-how of the remedial work on the speech skills and choreographing you in them.Very helpful for TOEFL exam preparation and for developing skills on emotional diplomacy,, based on language intelligence. These books will help you develop your English language consciousness and shape your Second Language Personality. The work with us will result in transforming your English into a natural form so that you can comfortably communicate with your conversation partners both face-to-face and digitally.

"Language Intelligence or Universal English"

Book One
Book Two
Book Three


Checkout this book: "Americanize Your Language and Emotionalize Your Speech!"

Also, with the help of the book, mentioned above, we will help you Americanize your English You will develop your Responsive Skills, learn basic conversational strategies, speed up the process of interaction, and build up your emotional , social , and business skills in American English . You will be able to accomplish that in four steps:

Step One- Americanize Your English!

Step Two- Emotionalize Your English!

Step Three- Socialize Your English!

Step Four-Vocabularize Your English!

Develop Language Management Skills in American English!

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