Anthony Sanders review of
Beyond the Terrestrial

Dr. Ray,

Thank you for your post on the last book “Beyond the Terrestrial!” I really liked it very much, and  I will give my own personal review about your book. These has been what I felt while traveling to the vast of the topic:


  • The experience that you have shared about your daughter’s experience (page 12) has given me great interest to read how this healing therapy would work.  This would give an edge on how the book will engage on the buyer’s point of view.

  • The book took me into a huge view and perception on spirituality. The wide scope of the details supporting this topic would likely help the author understand be in the right spiritual disposition.

  • The organization of thought would say that it has been written by a “Pro”. Topics are well organized especially on how it goes towards the end.

  • This material supports a big market into Psychological and Philosophical studies.

  • Understandable points were raised in the entire course of writing. This book can be well understood by not only by the professionals, but also to those who did not finish education.

  • Topics has been expounded without any redundancy on a certain topic or information.



Anthony Sanders
An avid reader and a publicist

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