Created by Dr. Rimaletta Ray, professor of the American Language Program at  the University of Connecticut, USA.  Just published June 2016 is Beyond the Terrestrial!  The information in this site is based on Dr. Ray’s books "Language Intelligence or Universal English," (Book One, Book Two, Book Three) published by Xlibris, available on Xlibris and Amazon.  Click here for additional information.   

Our Purpose:    


  • Remedy your Conversational English by improving your overall proficiency in the three habits
    (Pronunciation, Grammar, and Vocabulary - Book Two) 
    and four Speech Skills:
    (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing - Book Three)

  • Master your thinking skills in English!  Our priority is to help you do that.

  • Fix your "Broken English!"  We will develop your speaking and writing skills so that English appears as your native language.  

This will result in transforming your English into a natural form so that you can comfortably communicate both face-to-face and digitally. 

We will also help you with your writing of any preparation for an interview, any presentation, or just with a language assignment that challenges you.

We also do TOEFL exam preparation, essay writing, and business papers framing.

We are happy to have you as a participant in our scientifically-proven workshop on the remedial work on your Language Management Skills in American English.

"Language Intelligence or Universal English"

Book One
Book Two
Book Three

Be Language-Fit to Succeed!!!

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