Soul Refining - published April 2017

Topics covered in this book include: 

Foreword – don’t let your soul repose and decompose
Introduction – Life time – do not whine!
Part 1 – Soul’s Sojourn
Part 2 – Evolution of the soul is our primary goal!
Part 3 – Soul’s discovery (reveal your inner wealth)
Part 4 – Praying is soul-training (food for thought, transmitted by God!)
Part 5 – Soul’s Recovery (soul-construction or soul-destruction)
Part 6 – 5 dimensions of being a human being (the strategic plan of action)
Part 7 – Tap the hidden strength in you! (practice what we preach!)
Part 8 – The art of living is the art of becoming! (self-assessment) – inspirational boosters
Part 9 – Light is my might!